Check it out Cyberware Pt 1. ;)

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  • Listening to this again. Such a classic. Love the breakdown at 3.29

  • uhhhhhgg this is sooo sick

  • :) another masterpiece

  • this is awesome!!! great sounds

  • another level man!!XD

  • incredible track, loving the sound on the first melody and those chords sound beautiful.

  • Delicious, N1Chunksterm8:)!

  • awesome

  • Awesome...learning a lot from ya. Thanks for sharing this!


  • If I put my brain into audiotool, everyone would have pink sludge coming out of their speakers, and 'the brown note' playing continuously.

  • @Repton: All the sounds (timbres) are in my brain.) AT is instrument that embodies my ideas ;) Thank you !

  • Thanks a lot Tornsage and ArpeggiatorGladiator !!

  • huge amazing piece - you rule here !!

  • Chunkalicous!