Cover of track FORTNITE NIGHTS by DJ Khaled West
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At the behest of A Dragon Named Cuddlex

An ode to the best videogame ever made


I don't wanna go to bed now

I don't wanna get no head now

I don't wanna feel the pain anymore

I don't wanna feel the pain anymore

So I'm gonna play Fortnite, Fornite with the boys

Fortnite, Fortnite with the boys

Got my gold scar, gonna get the Vic-Roy

In my golf cart, bitch it ain't no chore


Mats out the ass I dont give a fuck about it

Got the battle pass, I got season 1 thru now bitch

Remember season 8, had the jungle and the pirates

Skull trooper gang SMG I'm gonna fire it

Fire on you and your goons

Don't matter what you do

Im gon' win, you gon' lose

Drop tilted see who's who


Default dancing on your bitch like woah

Travis Scott, big cock, whip it out on the hoes

Gotta post on tik-tok, show it off in slow-mo

Pullin' up, building forts, pitching tents with the bros

And everybody knows, when we're down in Frenzy Farms

Know that anything can go

And I ain't even play this game

Pouring hours into pong 'cause my PC rig is lame yeah


I ask my brothers, is there more to life

Than sitting down and playing Fortnite?

We couldn't waste any time

Sun going down you gon' die

We play Fortnite every night

Bitch you see me on with my Epic on

You see my wrists I got avengers on

See the way a dance bitch I put you on

I don't even need no features

DJ Khaled West Fortnite sneakers


Yeah you know we got the V-Bucks

Yeah you know we got the V-Bucks

Feelin like John Wick in the motherfuckin' matrix

Got that dual wield pistol hittin' faces

Get that 8 ball vs. scratch

Get that ace win

Get that A-Skin

If it ain't legendary I'ma hate it

Shoot me once I'ma drop a potion

Bitch shoot me twice I'ma put you outta focus

Building like it's minecraft you know that homies hate that

It's all Fortnite, man Fuck an apex

I pick a bad bitch out the loot crate (YES!)

I'll smack you if you ain't playin Fortnite yeah

That shit just part of my life, like pork and rice

And you know how much I love pork and rice

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