This year was full of ups and downs. I originally wanted to say that it was one of the worst years for me and talk about a lot of negative stuff, but I think Im lying to myself. Today was a really great day, especially towards the end, which made me change my mind. I had many successes, with 2 tracks that I can be proud of sitting right there. Despite all the frustration and pain, it is a year that defined and shaped me. Some things made me more mature, in some ways I still feel like a damn kid. It is a year that is memorable for the bad things it carried and for what was going on in the world. I realized that there should be some appreciation for it. Lets say Ill remember 2020, for better or worse. With this message, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas a happy BETTER, new year. Appreciate the things you have and stay hopeful, better times are to come.

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