Mixing is a mess.

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  • Really like this. Not heard the original but defo best of the remixes that have been entered.

  • Very cool !

  • Oh my god! This is so good!

    I love the 303 sounds.

    I would suggest that Inspectre release a full album of remixes!

  • very good! it will be a hard choice for the Inspectre. Plus, I have no choice with such a song!

    • it kinda looks like a really trippy instagram logo

    • Thanks. Definitely a hard choice for them. I opened the band pic in Photoshop and typed in 70s psychedelic in the generative fill box

    • (P.S.: Where did you get that artwork from?)

  • Now THIS is what I'm talking about, Snad! Fuck yes

  • terribly bewitching and psychedelic

    Thanks for this one !!

  • This is sick, groovy as hell. It could totally be the theme music for some sort of James Bond, secret-agent type show/movie

    And that cover art has no business going that hard

    • Thanks mate. something like James Bond - Alien Hunt

  • Republished

    first scream edit. eqing

  • your style goes really well with these vocals