Genre: Glitch Hop

So with this release I am soing to say that I'm taking a break from AT. Stop. No one freak out, just keep reading lol. By break I mean I'm gonna try my hand at another DAW. I will by no means be leaving the community. I will always respond and help with stuff! :D I just won't post tracks made in AT very often. This track is being released by Beatamsh media! WOOHOO!!! So big thanks to them. I doubt he even knows I releasing this through him... I'll tell him later XD

So it is with great pleasure to unveil my latest work, Drowning! I've been working off and on for about a month now. By far the most time I've put into a track as of yet. I've payed a lot of attention to the little nit-picky stuff this time around, so I hope that shows in the final result.

Another thing that I'm unsure of is if this is going to be a free release or not. So you'll find that out soon enough. I'll let Beatsmash decide on that one :)


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