top rated 2013

Total playing time: 3:54:23

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    Maximillion (Hiatus)

    Imma be on here really soon !!! Watch out bruh

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    Seeing most of these tracks here favorited by me makes me realized that I have not ever missed a track from the mainstream Audiotool hehe

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    @Xtraction some of your tracks have like.. 50 favourites. Thats pretty discovered if ya ask me :)

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    Infy, the only guy who can get 5 or more tracks on a top rated of the year album

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    There was a time when all of us on this list were the "undiscovered" talent on Audiotool (;

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    The Marquis


    these aren't the favourite tracks from the AT staff..these are the most faved tracks of 2013, in order.

    You can tell that from a) number of plays and favourites, and b) the taste of the AT staff was always techno, some styles of house, darker DNB, a bit of Electro, ambient, and anything that uses the tools of AT in an imaginative and innovative fashion. Many of these fit that bill..but not all, and some are not made using AT if memory serves me.

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    There will always be undiscovered talent that the audiotool staff will never see. That's a fact. But it won't stop me from making my music. Never.

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    DJ Whats good

    This what I do with my audio tool (link is only visible to registered users) I make amazing music that no one knows about

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    im eating peanuts

    They taste great

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    wow 2 tracks on here, cool! :)

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    Oh man I hope I'm going to be here one day

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    WHOO awesome!

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    @Der Radikaler YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

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    Everyday anyone is so dope.

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    i 'm not in your Top charts'cause i'm to original for your Ears !!!