first try.......

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  • super deep cripta! è perfetta ;)

  • yyyyeaaaahhh cripta! da best ;)

  • ow yeas! Love everything in this!

  • This is great (love this electro drums).

  • lucky, i'm still waiting for his response :)

  • i was waiting for mr. michelle response....glad you liked....maybe composition is very obvious ;)

  • You nailed it!

  • boy U have been buzy

  • Yeh, nice feel to this, G1m8:)!

  • bam !! great dub sound !!

  • Hehe you found the perfect sounds, for sure ;) I love that groovy bass ! :D

  • don't even know if i send this one....trying to do better....this is a very scholastic composition.... just searching for good dub sounds

  • Yeah I'm not even gonna try this.... ;)

  • Alla faccia della prima prova!! :)