A variety of bassy tastes and treats, submitted for your dubstep pleasure.

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  • Gets pretty messed up during the drop, but yeah well, I tried to force everything in there best I can.

  • This Is Such an Old Dubstep Song

  • sorry for spamming better than grimebot in all caps in 2017. now, i must say, the song is quite loud but i can see why it was so popular

  • real nice bass beat also

  • this is crazy, like its so badass. perfectly loopable

  • im still listening

  • this is the track that made me join audiotool

  • daaaang...

    this is so good!

  • jeez the effects in this song are insane, look at the assets picture

  • You should send this to monstercat

  • 1600th favorite

    am cool guy

  • Hi