Finally! the old version was bugging me so much. Wormhole 2.0 in its full glory!

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  • I was 9 wen this shit came out sheeeeesh

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  • this is fire as fuck

  • Can i upload a youtube video with your songs in it as a promotion for audiotool?

    I operate the Youtube Channel "Audiotool uploader" and i uploaded this track with some cool visuals, before i asked. I thought i can do it later and as long as i link everything.


    Somebody claims your track as his: "Raveesh Srisara Nilaweera" with copyrights: ℗ 2022 Music Gateway.

    I found out about it because youtube said the rights belong to raveesh...

    But its yours. i just wanted to let you know!

  • very cool

  • ooo. That makes me eee

  • good old days

  • the snapshot's glitched lol

  • bruh i got exactly 60,000 plays

  • Awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeee







  • techy

    ( ͡▀̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ͡▀̿ ̿ )

  • Great track!! I just released my first ever attempt at making music on my profile, please be sure to check it out!

  • yo man I have been trying to get signed and i think that this song can help me if i use it for the beat will that be cool ill be putting a rap over it so if you can hit me back in the comments that will be cool.

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  • Nifty

  • How does Astrum make these (◔◡◔)?!?!?!?

  • 666 comments and 1666 favorites, what a rare incedent...