Credits go out to all the helpers with this track!!

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  • We need another COLLAB BRO!! I had for gotten about this track hahaha

    I'm @G.Alejandro BTW

  • 1:10 , the switch is the best part tho fr

    • thanks man i had alot of fun with this collab alot of people joined and worked on it!

  • Bro we needa collab

    • anytime you want justr msg me on my wall or fuck it on facebook Cevin L Cross

  • Plus she’s my mom, everyone’s parents family, friends, they should all show support to you. That’s what helps growth support.

  • So she can show support @Zir0h and I hope you can participate next time too.

  • wish I could say I had the opportunity to participate, but maybe next time!

  • Love it Cevin ♡♡♡

    • lol why does your mom have an AT account?

    • Thank's Mom :D wouldn't Have got This Done Without all the help i received!

  • Seven Hells! Killer track!

    • may aswell give those credits to all els who helped!!

    • thanks man couldnt have done it without the co authors amor, and G alejandro