a collab with alec_bertina who made the beautiful beat as well as a key synth and melody - a talented artist

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  • Wow i love this atmosphere..is that your voice?

  • this sweet, great track again Torn :)

  • Awesome,,love this!!!

  • Incredible!

  • Missed those sounds torn, awesome music here :)))

  • Beautiful! Soothing vocals :)

  • .. and the view is beautifull!

  • how i missed that ? great collab guys !

  • very nice, so beautiful! Cheers for you and Alec! :D

  • beautifull my friend!!

  • 'With a title like that, it must be good'

    A truth I wish was true with all well titled pieces.. but this is the rare exception

    It's gorgeous and fits so well...

    gorgeous gorgeous.. <3

  • Trippy!

  • Ko0L

  • Really nice! The synth pad actually sounds incredibly good, and even if the vocals are a little bit odd I think they fit the song well. :)

  • i dont see how this is possible