Here's a joke track for you.

The original EDS: Electronic Dance Shit.

I have some EDS for you. Since there seems to be a big room house craze right now, I tried to make one of those big room club bangers that everyone gets high on. Made a Sick Drop Yo with bass and that overused EDS synth.

As you can tell, I didn't spend much time on this track. So the buildup could be more developed.

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  • Republished

    This track had fallen under the EDS standards over the years, so here it is again, revamped in Next.

  • I can't believe it's over 6 months. Time sure flies.

  • This is a joke track, yet it sounds amazing and has more favs then my top track

    *i must suck*

  • Pretty cool electro. I likey. The 303 thing is not my favorite though. The nice saw type synth is cool though. Overall, I can appreciate it.

  • OMG! I love the part at 1.45 !!!

  • I bet if you put this as "techno" on youtube, you'll get many views. X)

  • jokes on you i actually kinda like it haha

  • dO-Ob

  • I have plenty of confidence. I'm confident that this track is counter to my style and preferences (unless you count joke tracks as part of my style).

  • "As you can tell, I didn't spend much time on this track. So the buildup could be more developed." says the guy who has over 25 fav on a song and counting.... gosh you need like a self confidence boost, you make the best stuff man..

  • Jeez, even your "shit" tracks are miles ahead of everyone else on here

  • it'd be good if it wasn't so over the place omg haha i'm dying

  • oh! the beginning reminds me of a song by parov stelar. nice picture of the toilet ... but the song not'll throw down the toilet, I'll download it and listen a few times: P

  • Well, I did try. I just didn't spend much time on this.

  • dat synth in the bridge is so overused. X)