In the Klub Affekt competition, I made Residue to place 9th and win a Korg Monotron. I decided to make a track using only the prize and Audiotool effects. I called this "Polytron" because there are multiple layers of Monotron.

The production of this track was tedious. I started with the bass. I set the LFO so that the bass rhythm would match something close to 110 bpm and got 108.81 bpm. In trying to make the resonant sixteenth note bass, I got lucky and came very close to matching this tempo. Kick drum was created by turning up the resonance so that it became the tone and using the filter LFO for the downward pitch sweep. Noisy samples such as the snare and hat were created by using LFO to create noisy samples and layering them. I had a good time with the firetruck.

The lead was hard to record. The Monotron doesn't have discrete pitches so specific pitches are played by pitch sliding on the "keyboard". But the ribbon keyboard does allow me to apply vibrato. I had to record 20 takes, without even a single completely successful take. I ended up mashing the beginning of one take with the end of another. Pads were then created by layering multiple recordings.

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  • The drums is kinda special too hehe

  • It's so amazing at the lead solo. (And as I expected, before I read the description, I bet you'd had taken lots of takes for that). The pad layering is amazing, too! Nice work! Incredible!

  • too good for words.

  • Woaaah this is amazing man ! :D okay, I was thinking about getting one... Now I'm definitely gonna do this ;)

  • Incredible use of the Monotron. Love this!

  • Very good bro...... cool sounds you have here

  • There's actually noise in my recordings, too. I figured that it would be subtle enough. Turning up the Monotron volume may increase the signal/noise ratio.

  • Gotta love the monotrons! Unfortunatly the monotron delay I have has some white noise so it doesn't become too useful for recording, unless I want to make some distorted delayed vocals with the aux.

  • really creative. I'll drink to that

  • wow! you're really really talented man! all your tracks are always so excellent^^

  • OH man. That lead at 3:30 ...oh my good.

  • Cooh

  • wow once again you make a song to rub in how completely and utterly you are making ridiculously amayzing music while i sit here nodding my head saying "Yehp, here we go again..." unable to make anything...thanks for rubbing it in...a again...jk ...jk about the jkign...jk about jk about's a cool song.

  • I agree with Jaradodo. I LOVE the mournful lead. I like mournful leads in general. Nevertheless, awwwwweeesssoooommmeeeee track!