2nd track of the album!


Started as a failed draft, but i think its pretty decent now


Thank you icy kidd for the vocals

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  • I like what you did with the intro but I feel like at around 00:13 or so you should fade in the sub bass and maybe add some cinematic pads because the claps got a really nice rhythm going on that section too. But I like the glideyness of the arp lead. That's good. When 00:26 starts, I think there should be some kind of riser or impact sample w/ reverb. Now I see the riser increases overtime in a few more measures, but you should fade that out and place a reverby cymbal on the empty part.

    • someone just inv the other lol

    • when is this collab coming?!

    • We can collab at anytime, and also I did enjoy the song very much. Keep up the good work!

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  • Uhm, I hear this as a fortnite emote 😂😳

  • Shit a banger goddamn

  • B a n g e r

  • I've been listening to this for 38hrs.... My new fav song and artist

  • better than half the trap on the site, thanks for not being generic :)

    • I like trap music that's generic though


  • Yo. This is nice. Melody is clean. Vocals are so nice and Dey’s nd clean. I like it

  • Not my type of trap but

    Creativity 100

    Mixing is also needed

    But I honestly like this

    • ok poet (this is a joke jsyk)

    • L A Y E R S

    • Sure but like wait a while tho cuz I’m in a diff state and I’m trying to chill until summer ends

      But yeah I will

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  • Is very nice the song.I do not stop to hear her!!

  • getting looplabs flashbacks. nostalgic cyronexx vibes

  • colorful

  • being that it started as a failed draft and now it's better is saying something

    • me neither lmao

    • but i also did not expect it to reach #1 on the singles chart.

  • YESSS BRO NUMBER ONE, mad proud of you :) (definitely one of the tracks deserving of the placement it got) you put hard work in and gave a vibe that's catchy.

  • #1 in singles and EDM let's go!!!