Cover of track Rainy (just did some mastering etc) by niteowl
  • about 3 months ago
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niteowl, Rainy (just did some mastering etc)


Very nice doodle, you're way better than me when it comes do composing EDM tracks. Though what you lack is the techniques when mastering so the sound is fuller but less busy in the same frequency range, i.e cut away more low and high ends to make synths more articulated. I didn't really go into the highs here though so bad of me. I didn't bother writing crit in the comments so I remixed instead lol. But yeah, chord progressions are good, melodies are fire (love the sliding lead), good overall structure (except this is missing a proper ending but it's a doodle so whatever). To work on: mastering, defining certain frequencies and making the sound more clear.


Now in this "remix" I didn't properly fix the things I said should be fixed, I just want you to get the general idea.

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    ØutOfbounds (rmx cmp)

    about 3 months ago

    Nice. Also yeah Ik my mxing and mastering is ass. But im stil learning as I basically only started worrying about it in my music about a week or two ago so yeah lmao

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      about 3 months ago

      Bruh I missed this comment completely, if you need help with mastering and mixing I would happily help :D