The first collab between @Mr. Speck and @Frey ....

Electropology, it's a way of life.

Any questions?

"Did you know the transistor in the schematic doesn't serve a purpose?" -You

"Yes, we are completely aware of that, but that doesn't change the fact that it looks nice..." -Us

Any more questions?

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  • Cool track. It had its ups and downs but overall I liked it.

  • Thank you AtHeat!

  • Very good listen.

  • Ok, I can see how the intro is kind of bland. Thanks for the feedback! We will try to make a better intro if we create another track. And thanks for telling us what part you do like.

  • I wish the intro was able to pull me into the song /:

  • Ok, I just want to thank everyone who has commented and liked! It means alot to both me and Frey. I just haven't had the time to be on here lately. But thanks everyone! ^_^

  • Frey can you check my channel please? :) thanks

  • it's been a week, too late to get on popular :p

  • Thanks @lyonte we just need a few more favs to get on popular :P

  • nice track, the melody is great :D

  • Lol Thanks leon :P

  • nice track !!... ow yeah , I think you should use a... NPN - transistor.. then... it works fine ....:D

  • Thanks!

  • Really nice :D