My first work without any samples, all mine!

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  • Not bad, for your first without samples.

  • nice sinths... i think the dums are good but too much volume... i think the drums should be more cool if you putted a slope with no so much frequency...but i favorite this track because this is cool

  • Nice ;)

  • Sweeeeeet bro!!!!!!! Long live DnB!!

    : ^]

  • No problem man...

    It's your track not theirs...

  • Word.

  • its alot better than phast

  • nothing like phast

  • Go ahead and pretend, Solace.

    Just notice that there is no "Original" link above the suggestions.

  • i'm STILL just gonna pretend this is a remix of Phast

  • I agree with Dustin.

    Just have fun...If you feel the need to spill some blood via mere words, then just hold your tongue and enjoy the music.

  • REALLY good! keep it up! thanks for showing me this! listen to my new song Bass!