My attempt at some chillout ambient stuff. I really like this, and will expand it.

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  • Wow man, im aware your probably not here anymore, but this is beautiful stuff. The perfect chillout track

  • Thanks.

  • Very chill. I like it :)

  • Thank you both.

  • lovely stuff. :)

  • feels like walking in a forrest , cool . please check our project: agressor - the first act .

  • Thank you.

  • good work!

  • Hm, I'll work on all of that, and thanks everyone! I never expected it to get this much attention.

  • Nice work man, I like the whistling synth, maybe change the ending a bit to make it less sudden.

  • I like the bird sounds but maybe not for the whole track.

  • What a difference! Great job!

  • ah yes I heard that italians eat songbirds ugh ... ;) very nice track by the way

  • (just kidding) lol

  • i like it...nice sounds... i don't like so much these birds...if is already open hunting season I am happy to kill them...(joke)