Just a quick one..

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  • Now that sounds cool. I picture two people playing a game and if you make the wrong move you die. Like a strategy game.

  • I like the snake! It's rockin! Okay digi. O.D. track next. ;)

  • btw the pic is of the most venomous snake in the world, -the inland taipan. :D

  • trust me O, i much prefer winter.

    but yes. you should definitely visit Kepz and i in sydney. nothing poisonous in sydney i promise :)

  • hehe! A party in Aus! Yeah! :D Seriously though, your country is so beautiful just from the pictures/videos I've seen. Always wanted to go. Looks like a terrific place. The ocean and desert. Plus, it's summer down there huh? Not here. LOL. Approaching winter up here. ;)

  • ;)

  • yeah come visit me and digi in aus!

  • you got a lot of those poisonous tongues in Oz huh? The poisonous snakes/spiders/jellyfish/ and other deadly animals is the only thing keeping me from traveling there. lol. No, just kidding. I think it would be cool to visit Australia. Kool track!

  • Very nice, digigeist !

  • missed this realy cool again

  • :) !

  • Nice!