I helped - DJ Kelso


this beat is fire thanks to the flute and synth arrangement that Kelso put in.

originally this was just a dead old draft, but with the help of Kelso

i put life back into it and made it fire.


especially the second drop.

thanks for the help. - N3

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  • #7

  • aye, it charted :D

  • ahhhm не хватает более ярко выраженных басов ну и пилы можно было чуть посдержанней сделать. а в целом неплохо

    • thank god for google translate XD thanks dawg, My b for not using a more solid bass, I was more focused on how it would all blend properly :D

    • btw this is my second account i just can't access my main at home.

    • Благодаря. Вы не поверите, но раньше пилы были намного громче, но я постарался немного приглушить звук. Спасибо за совет

  • brilliant work guys!!

  • This is what tryhard on COD cold war looks like XD

  • them synths are cleannnnnn

  • Republished

    fixed some out of tune shit at the end

  • Gamer music be like....

  • I like that beat :D

  • this is sick

  • this is awesome

  • this is fireeeeeeeeee

  • Sounds nice!