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  • Wow. Listened to every second and this is brilliant.

  • Great remix!

  • Bomb track!

  • one of the best

  • you need to make more track m8 !! always good ;-)

  • indeed...... what a bomb track !!

  • omg! amazing tocaknox! But now i feel sorry for cripta, there's a lot of good remixes in his contest and i don't know if i could choose only one XD

  • Strong!

  • right before the referee blows the whistle Tocaknox scores ;) And what a goal it is ;)

  • yeahhhh another bomb one....thank you so much bro...very appreciate..... yep i think i will have some troubles choosing a winner ;)

  • i think its exactly what cripta wanted, this was really good

  • yep i think this is perfect for cripta's album

  • Thanks guys. I´m glad that you like it! Little surprise at the end. ;)

    @Snadbrugen : Es wurde mal wieder Zeit was zu präsentieren :P

  • yeah i'm sure cripta will love this

  • wow amazing bass and great beats! and i love the synth coming on 2:20 . i wouldn't like to be cripta now, this will be a very difficult decision. A lot of great remixes on that coompetition.