Heres another short track hope you all enjoy it and plz make sure to comment or fav xP Thx

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  • nice job... maybe a bit of verb on the snare and eq it a bit higher in the mix to put more of a driving slam into the mix, kinda murky, but if thats whatyour goin for

  • i also like the "hey wait where u going" part as well, perfect way to grab the listener back into the madness again-lol :P

  • I like the eerie bass sounds goin on hre, n the duby part @ 0:40 is super sweet bro!!!

  • Thx breadloaf64 ^_^

  • Better than any dubstep I've done :3

  • That, is the best yoybass I have ever seen. I'm not lying. This such a cool song! The only thing that you could do is a have a little veriety or basses and synths in the drop :)

  • very cool,

    i don't think automation of the resonance on 'Dub Wobble' is necessary though

  • Thank u guys for the tips and advice Ill probably go back and edit it

  • very very nice :)

  • dark, deep... it's how i felt after my brake up.

  • piano is good though!

  • I agree with Paolo, tone it down a bit

  • Tone down the piercing melody at the beginning, nice basses and yoys

  • check out my new song its a good example

  • I dont that vowel bass all too much but your definently on your way theres a lot of voices that I like in there though!! I like how at least two of your main voices are yours. but try to keep all voices in lower octaves and diversify your sounds they all seem too alike. its not al wub wub when it comes to dubstep