Here is the final song "Final Memory" from the album "Final Memory" lol. This is a very sad song :(

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Final Chapter:

It's been three days and Vinyl is very weak, tired, and depressed. She was happy that Octavia was there to make her day, but, it was time. Nurse Red Heart came into the room, but, with many others. There was Twilight, Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity, Fluttershy, Neon Lights, and Princess Celestia. "What is everyone doing her?" asked Vinyl. "I called everyone to come see you today, to say their goodbyes, and what do ya know, it's the day you are gonna go" Octavia said shedding a tear. "Yeah, Vinyl. You were my best friend throughout the years. Hard not to say goodbye to you" said Neon. "Yeah your music is SO AWESOME!" said Rainbow. "Like that one time me and Vinyl preformed at Cadences wedding. That was fun!" Said Pinkie. "I quite enjoyed it as well. As for me, I made a pillow with your cutie mark on it and a blanket with your shades on it saying, Pon-3. For you darling" said Rarity as she handed it over to Tavi. "Thanks" replied Octavia with a smile and a tear. "Um, I also brought you a small, friendly, pet dog with white fur and red eyes. It reminded me of Vinyl so, I'm giving it to you" said Fluttershy. "I'm gonna miss you Vinyl. You were the best DJ out there" said Twilight. "We all had some great and fun memories with you, and we are all certainly gonna miss you, that's why I and my sister have decided to make a statue of you in the middle of Ponyville because your impact to the music industry and your past" Says Celestia. "Thank you, all of you, for coming. I will never forget you guys. For you my love, I...will...miss you" That was the last words Vinyl said, and the Final Memory Octavia had, kissing Vinyl.


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    S Γ I C H Ξ S(onbreak) about 1 year ago

    you have a spelling mistake in the story...