lang hats gedauert, bis ich endlich gerafft habe, wie man hier automationen nachhaltig bearbeitet. aber eins ist klar ... das audiotool is ein Hammer!

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  • hehe

  • Why? This is so bad that it hurts

  • no this one was the first track ever made with Audiotool On/Off

  • Was this the very first song ever in AT?

  • stomper

  • hehe definitely vintage

  • vintage sandburgen

  • hehe yes I will try ;)

    I think I will remix this one. One day

  • Wow really!! Small world techno speaking ')) that's cool m8..tell him he's an absolute legend from roobarb XD saw so many amazing artists at that club,but the old memory's fading as we speak hehe ;))

  • ya really? one of them lives some streets from my house ... just saw him DJing here but never saw hardfloor live ... too bad. absolute classic

  • yeeeeeahhh m8!!! TUUUNE!!!! saw these do this live at the orbit in leeds in 93!!! BLEW my tiny little mind for ever!! XDDD you have impecable taste my friend ;))

  • ya thanks mate ... sound was pretty dull at that time.

  • Lovely acid sandy!!!! my kinda Trance ;D

  • den kann ich nur noch als Museumsstück akzeptieren, aber danke ;)