:) !

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  • nice, Idk why but I was almost expecting a remake of the Black Sabbath instrumental FLuff lol, but no quite different ;) Good times :D

  • listening to old tracks from the suggestions list :)!

  • man, this seems like such a long time ago now eheh, cheers m8 :) !

  • :)! like to look at old work from people

  • Love the melodies in this man (:

  • Really?...Well either way it can only be a compliment, the Chunkmeister is boss dog!! Cheers!! :)

  • awesome !!

  • Thanks m8!....You think it sounds like 808chunk?.....mmm, I don't hear that myself! :)

  • Cool rhythm. 808chunk would probably like to remix this. Its got a lot of his qualities.

  • OOoooh 1000 plays!! That's pretty cool. It's a pleasure and an honour!! :)

  • very good bro

  • Cool sound!

  • oh! man thanks guys, really appreciate! :)

  • man your sounds are incredible!