After the huge banger of the '2015 Release #3' track that was 'Colossus', comes another, even bigger track that will go on to be maybe, one of the biggest highlights of my music so far this year.


This time, instead of Big Room or Electro House, I have delved deeper into my knowledge and passion for Progressive House, making this track a full-on progressive banger!

Inspired by many house artists but yet also continuously searching for originality in my own sound, I made the track to be a huge party anthem, always building in sound and complexity as the track draws on.


After a huge building intro, we are thrown into a massive pre-drop, which builds up the tension of what's to come whilst also, perhaps, tricking the listener into thinking the track was Big Room-based.

But then, almost as quickly as it started, the pre-drop explodes as beautiful, mesmerizing sounds fade in, almost catching the listener in a day-dream. Then the vocals, distorted and faded, come in. All the time, the track builds. Building up to great heights before, finally, at almost 3 mins, the drop hits with its massive melody.

This is a true banger which I am extremely proud of and will be playing months down the line!

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