Got so many drafts at the moment that I don't have the willpower or time to work more on this. Seemed a shame to waste it though so I've cleaned it up a bit and decided to publish.

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  • Like this bass.

  • lovin your funky side :)

  • I digg this funk :)

  • This track reminds me when funk and disco started to merge, just before it be formula music, good track

  • oh yeahh..i got tha funk! remind me of some old frenchy funk house...really cool.. pump up the volume m8 :)

  • nice track, original !

  • Great funk

  • nice funky groove love it !

  • great sound for that little waveform up there. This is sweet.

  • BTF!

  • So much Funk on audiotool recently ;)

  • Really nice! Keep on experimenting!

  • reminds me of the good ol' days of playing sonic the hedgehog all day.

  • nice one :)

  • very good! :)