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  • Republished

    deleted one note

    • new patch nerfed the game, literally unplayable.

  • where am I

  • Republished

    this track is done

  • Cool experimental track ! ReFav

  • Republished

    ok i'm gonna stop for a while

  • Republished

    new drums/intro and stuff

  • Republished

    sum drum tracks added and extended ending

  • Wow. I didn't listen to this for a few days and it's actually not as disorganized as i remembered

    • yeah overall its interesting I like it. the beginning is just a bit confusing.

    • Also the end got cut off. It was supposed to drone out for a little longer

  • I would do the drums a bit differently in the beginning, but the other off beat rhythms are great.

    • thank u I think it needs... something... changed with the drums at the beginning

  • ...sounds best on my iphone headphones......... but i think i still have some room to work on this :)

  • Good draft.Complex composition.Not bad idea.I love your work

    • Thank u it’ll come together after tweaking it for a few days