Cover of track 2D GIRLS by DJ Khaled West
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DJ Khaled West, 2D GIRLS


Fuck a Naruto

Gonna write your name in my death note

Die at 5:48 of a heat stroke

Be right back gotta watch the new JoJo

You don't wanna test me

Rem best girl don't get fussy

Not Asuka, boy she musty

Fake weeb oh yeah you must be


2D girls, 2D girls

You know that a (redacted) like em 2D girls, yuh

2D girls, 2D girls

Let a (redacted) nut to some 2D girls, yuh (x2)


You thought I wanted to be with you

The only thing I want is my poster and my tissues

Got a big tiddy mouse pad

And she won't never ever make me mad

Issa limited edition

She go "uwaa" when I squish it

I ain't tryna be rude now

But everything about you is too round

If you can't fit between my season one and two of Prison School

Then I can't ever give my heart to you


Anime girls in my pocket

Anime girls in my pocket

Watch them when I can, Watch them when I can

Smokin that loud right now so I cant, no

Anime girls in my pocket

Anime girls in my pocket on my iPhone 10

AirPods in

Driving 'round with my waifu in my Benz, yuh

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