.i’m not

someone you can save

or care about

from far away


i’ll keep yours

[ if you

keep mine too ]

but i don’t (really)

trust you ;

( a


pressed against

the window )


...well i tried my best

tried to reinvent

now there’s nothing left

empty silhouette



unrelated to the song but i'm going on tour this week so hmu if you're in boston/nyc/nj !!


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  • didn't realize I missed this. The percs are awesome in this one

  • inspiring music

  • just wanna say it's <3

  • this also resonates with me


    • listening to ur recent on sc rn. let's talk and make some stuff happen yes? :)

    • lhkkkkkkk i've missed u

  • I've listened to this bop a couple of times now, and I can say this is a good song production-wise.

    However, the chords here are 10/10.

    • yeah the chords are amazing....

      the vocals on the other hand, honestly 10/10

    • thanks! i like chords sometimes

  • Republished

    ready for EP master :)

  • Republished

    tiny thing was bugging me but it's pretty much identical

  • I seem to always be the 666th play on people's tracks

  • really like this <3

  • the bowed-sounding guitar-esque sounds are so lush at 00:40 . At first it seemed a little harsh, but I was wrong. Lovely.

    • I meant no criticism, it fits.

    • having a love/hate relationship with harshness lately. keeps things from being dull but it's hard to know what's too far etc

  • transcendent beauty

  • Easily one of the best things I have ever heard. Keep it up.

  • your spirit’s native tongue

    for lyrical music,, its always what isn’t being said that captivates me

    the space between each broken and complete thought

    there’s no one like u, m8

    • i've been struggling with either wanting to write too many words or two few. but thinking about how the specific & the universal are interchangeable gives me a little more space to explore.

      love u sbz <3 thx for being