Many people have said it’s too loud. Guess I’m gonna have to look into it 🫠

But I tried my best, and that’s what matters :)


00:39 is the drop. I didn't really have a build-up anyways lol.


Didn't put a lot of effort into this lol. Please tell me if I should turn up vocals or not, left them a bit background-ish on purpose but meh. I also do not have very good headphones rn. Sorry :)


Was meant to be on hiatus until March 21, but that was too close to the deadline, so I've decided to just do this now and get it over with. Besides, I think I'm suffering from a lack of a writer's mental block ;)


Thanks @po9t for being such an inspiration to all, and I hope you all enjoy! :D

- As for me, I return to the bliss of hiatus :)

@BluTooth! 霾 [SR]

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