My last Zelda song got me the most favorites that I have ever gotten on any song on audiotool, so I decided to do another one since when everybody loved my last Zelda song.(Yes, I'm a MAJOR Zelda fan)

If you liked then song then please favorite it! It is very much appreciated by me! This song took a lot of time for me to remake this song!

SHOUTOUTS: If you'd like a shoutout, favorite this song and comment on this song saying "shoutout" or "please give me a shoutout!" or whatever tickles your fancy. I know that favorite button is irresistible and you need to press on it ;)

Thank you to everybody that has been supporting me and helping me become a better person on audiotool! I'm still trying to be better in audiotool every day, but I will never be perfect because music may be communication in its purest form, but never perfect! I really appreciate all of the help I've gotten on here! My followers number is growing too!!! Thank you so much!

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