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Meg & Dia - Monster (Virtual Reality Remix)
Thank you for 400 followers <3 I would like to thank my followers of course for making this happen. Seeing how I progressed is really crazy! This community is really great, ( even if you are not following me) you guys are awesome.
Anyways, I mostly like electronic music especially:
(1.) DUBSTEP (I'm in luv with it ;3)
(2.) Drum and Bass
(3.) Trap
(4.) Glitch hop
(5.) Chillstep
(6.) Every other Genre besides Death Metal and Country :P
So yeah... thanks for reading this I guess... If you are still reading this, I highly suggest you go make a song and spam me because if you are reading this I can't look at your spam :/
But seriously go make music and stop reading this. Stop please. Stop! STOP!!! OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? GO MAKE MUSIC AND SHOW ME YOUR SEXY TRACKS!
Since you're still here, here's my audiotool goals :D
Likes On My Tracks:
10 Likes [X]
25 Likes [X] Thanks <3
50 Likes [X]
100 Likes [ ] :c
10 Followers [X]
50 Followers [X] Thank you :D
100 Followers [X] OH MY GURD THANK YOU <3
150 Followers [X]
200 Followers [X] lol yeah right xD
300 Followers [X] God damn
400 Followers [X]
500 Followers [ ] Impossible >.<
Work in a Collab [X]
Make Other Genres [ ]
Participate in a Remix Contest [X]
Win a Remix Contest [ ]
Kik: martinez_elijah
If you managed to read my kik, that means you need to find something to do. Why doesn't anybody listen to me? ;~; Anyways you can text me about stuff... yay... :P

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