bass and synth loops are made with propellerheads figure

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  • war grad viel unterwegs und hab viel verpasst wie ich höre. :)

    gefällt mir richtig gut.

    grüße aus VIE ;)

  • refav

  • Thanks a lot Noir. Seems like I can't get away from that classic sound on other apps either

  • Love the groove on this one. Got that classic Sndbrgn sound

  • Thanks Marodeur. Always a pleasure ;)

  • Awesome track! Very intense sound.

  • Didnt know that trick to be honest. But I wanted a perfect loop too. Thanks guys. Less dark this time yes :)

  • Saweeet track again. Less dark though :D

    That first break is just instant love...

  • Sndbrgn? You couldn't plug the headphones to LINE-IN of your computer? Or you wanted to have it as a perfect loop? I see

  • Thanks mate ... it's a nice toy and a cool workflow

  • Great, man! Smooth ride. I was never able to make anything remotely this cool in Figure. I'm inspired to give it another shot now though. :) I particularly like the first break.

  • thnx guys

  • sehr funky :)

  • yes figure is fun. the hardest thing was to export. Had to install a trial Version of Reason 9 thanx guys

  • Oh yes! It's a fun app! :) Groovy tune as always!