22.1.2015: Hi :) I came back to listen to my tracks and there was a few things bugging me about this and I fixed them and added some more flair to it, which I have no idea if they sound good or not, cause this lags so much... If you don't like this new version, the old one is in my soundcloud. (link is only visible to registered users) there's some of my newer FL stuff too, but I really haven't progressed much, because I don't have as much time for music anymore

Genre: (Electro?) House

^Yeah I kept that genre thing lol.

It's been a while, huh? Been out of inspiration, but suddenly just today, on the last day of this competition, I finally got a spark of inspiration. I don't know how many of you remember or even know my Language remix, but this song just suddenly gave me inspiration to do a song like that again. So yeah, tried to make it fairly similar to that one, hopefully I succeeded, because that seemed to please many of you.

I changed a lot of things comparing to the time I was given, but I will definitely come back to this again if I feel like it. This lagged so much that I'm not quite sure how good this sounds.

I am now working on another remix. Remix of Thug Life. So yeah, I'm not "Gone".

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