I'M BACK! I have not made a breakbeat track in a while now so I decided that I should finish the one that was just sitting in my drafts from me fooling around with tribal drums.

I have plans of creating a mini album with this being one of the featured tracks. My life is a little hectic right now but I will try to work on it as much as I can

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  • ngl does kinda sound like garage

  • You've done well! I like how you made the start glitchy. I never really listen or made house but just actually listening throughout the entire thing had my foot tapping the whole time! I like the bass and percussion but I love the stops and chants they just make the whole track complete!

    • nah it's cool, I can totally understand it. It's a link to the Bedrock Breaks mix by Meat Katie on discogs (which is like the more than ultimate wiki/ebay for anything and everything music).

    • I'm not link friendly lmao isn't there something called like LinkPhobia or something XD Idk but I don't know that website

    • wow man! thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it! (especially because it's in complete sentences, I am not be sarcastic at all). also if you like this then you will probably also enjoy this as well (part of the reason why I called it Goose Meat in the first place):

  • This is jammin bruv