Cover of track Grimebot's Girlfriend by Uprising
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Uprising, Grimebot's Girlfriend



The year is 3014. The epic War with the Human /Machine alliance called Infyuthsion and the Robot Puritain Uprising Has been raging on for centuries

Within the Infyuthsion alliance exists robots that are designed to Rumage among the grime to collect any salvagable tech and destroy any half functional Puritan bots from the Uprising. the Humans call the salvaged remains of the puritan uprising Grime tech.. and the Machines that seek it out Grimebots.

Over the years the Machines that exist as allies of Infyutions have learned to mimic human emotion and traditions . One of the human charicterstics that the infyuthsion bots have adopted is to pair up and mimic Love , Gender , and emotion

This is the story of a Grimebot who's Female counter part was destoyed long ago

Grimebot has salvaged the Cpu Unit that Maintainins all the Data and memoy of his past love and now seaches the grime tech for componants to reanimate his lost love. This track discribes his success

Track Creation:

This track was created using only tools that audio tool provides

I have bounced many of the sounds i created into audio tracks to make room in my CPU for everything. you will find these works in my templates soon

this is not a remix of Grime bot .. It is an addition to the Grimebot saga


Track inspired by Infuthsion's Grimebot

Thank you for teaching us all so much

Thanks to samhain for teaching me to bounce sounds to audio tracks


Edit : brought out the synths a bit

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