These Next few statements are Centered around my own personal thoughts about Dub step . This is not an attack on beginners learning how to write Dub step if they are willing to really learn the genera and not just write a bunch of scrub step

My feelings about the Genera of Dub step can be Summerized in one Phrase

Scrub Step Makes me Hate While Dub Step makes me wanna masterbate

For me Good Dub step Is real music Centered around a core Theme or melody that uses a certain style of beat over a 140 ish BPM. this syle for me has endless Applications as well as Can be Merged with certain aspects of Other Generas for variety. it can be Dark Light Happy or sad Or jsut plain badd ass head bangin Music

The dub step that i love and listen to always has many aspects to the sound other then the 1 liner base and though there is no thing that says dub step has to follow a certain way i like to think that good dub step has a good pad a nice melody lead a nice harmoney a nice breakdown at some point with good sub bass and solid evolving beat .

the bass wobbles For me is an exxtention of the Dums merged with tones that sound good and should be accompanied by some for m of music for most of time ( not all ) Also good dub step for me often has other style elements to it like DNB parts or chill out progressive parts

The other Steps .. There Is massive amounts of dub step that do this 8 bar into, Build , Drop over to nothing but basses .

Scrub step:

People who Sample Real dub step over a beat they sampled and play clips of already worn out dub step. becauase they think the chick will dig it

Dont be that guy

Track Creation

If you would like to remix this track it is okay . you may post a request to remix on my wall

If you would like to down load this . E mail me U_P_R_I_S_I_N_G @yahoo .com I will send you the MP3.

Edit: Edited title and Description because i have a new cause for this track

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