Cover of track Groovy Kick (Remix Contest) by MΛVΣЯIX
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MΛVΣЯIX, Groovy Kick (Remix Contest)


~ Rules: You may not remix anyone's track unless you are given premisson from them.

2: You are not allowed to comment about any other stuff but tracks. Unless you ask me first. ^~^ please and thankyou.

3: Favorite if you are joining. Comment if your just favorting people you like it.

~ First Place: Be put on Best Track Makers List

~ Second Place: You will be asked to join up in collide or video chat

~ Third Place: Will be given the ability to be a MAVERIX Co-owner of this profile ( Depending on user )

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    about 6 years ago

    ~ Yeah i know it sounds like a different then groove. But it's how i use my ear at times