Every now and then, it's doesn't hurt to go fast.

The energy never dies...

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  • This is still a very fav track of mine ofc :)

  • Wow..........

  • "Every now and then, it's doesn't hurt to go fast." ~ Sanic, 2014.

  • funky melody. lovin it.

  • Well. That's some extremely good vibes. Thank you!!! :-)

  • one of the few recent AT songs that deserves its space on the charts. aye, that it does.


  • It amazes me how fast a song can while still being so chorded and melodic. That eery decent in the lead is just...perfect. Your songs are always so chill and groovy. The syncopation works wonderfully with the delayed synth.

  • Digging the vibe here

  • 1st on the charts man awesome!

  • some very cool DnB super original!. i feel like i am playing a video game

  • I really am enamored by that smoooooth pad! awesome, clean sounds and great transitions, love the dynamics of the bass. Well done on the intricacies

  • Man. The rushing drums along with the bass jabs go very well together. And I could marry those pads. But they would probably just 'cut me off' xD


  • Stahp :p you steal the charts all the time!! Good job btw ;) I mean really nice job