So I wanted to publish a more mastered and better sound ing version of this song and change the name for the Moogfest competition. I spent hours and days trying to mix this and try to perfect it. Please comment some feedback!

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  • Love it

  • Very good !! we used the same picture for a track :D

  • How many bpm is this?

  • @almate

    I've actually started work on it XD

    It's turning out well, but may take a bit of time.

    How I'd describe it so far: Less dance-y, more trance-y I guess XD

  • *really want to remix the track, is what I meant

  • I don't want to remix this song because I don't want to slaughter it, but I really want to XD

  • very positive vibe:~)

  • *is still trying to figure out where I've heard the melody before, and @amoeba is probably right anyway*

  • good job on sounds

  • @amoeba Thanks for your feedback! I love that you said that you don't like this type of trancy technoish music but still said what you loved about it anyways.

  • i like that really buzzy bass, reminds me of Yeasayer for some reason, idk why..

  • @тяєкк the lead sort of sounds like Pirates of the Carribean, maybe thats what you are thinking of? lol this is pretty good, i dont like trance like this but its pretty well eqed and stuff. nice work! :)