Really proud of this one, actually, including when stuff hits the fan at 3:51 . Had to force this one out, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to pub until Weds or Thurs. Great contest m8 :) this was fun

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  • Republished

    changed capitalization title

  • i likeeee the intro chords


  • it sounds like a weed wacker cutting through a rainbow

  • Thanks for the input man, I totally agree about tubing, they kind of crap up sounds at the expense of distortion. I was just goin off of a template and modifying it. Next time I'll try to not use tubes for distortion for that exact reason


  • you could try to play with the waveform and swap the tubes for exciters, because 1) the signal is muddy from the start, and 2) tube distorts the whole thing which doesnt always result in a good bass. But hey, who am I to tell you this? This is stellar!

  • Hawt.

  • I just had an orgasm listening to this..

  • very interesting and en joyful track

  • wooooooooooooh, this kills!

  • *Throws hands in the air* Aish!

  • Teach me your ways o wise one. :o

    - Zerod 09/12/14 I'm such a weird person..

  • Idek know if I should enter anymore....