Cover of track Herlufsew , Vulkron , ACloudSkye , Synthonix - Kilo (DJ JeAnne R by JeAnne (DJ JeAnne)
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JeAnne (DJ JeAnne), Herlufsew , Vulkron , ACloudSkye , Synthonix - Kilo (DJ JeAnne R


This is my remix of the track Kilo made by group of collaborators - Herlufsew,Vulkron,ACloudSkye,Synthonix,Head Trauma,Skul,Bleu,Romance.


Vulkron - lmao should we just rename this track "bullshit" for all the stuff we named "bullshit" in this track?

fr tho I poured my heart out into this one cuz I felt horrible that Hurlef invited me and i didnt do shit and he pubbed. So I made up for it in this track. Hope you guys like it!


So this shit is p lit. xO - Herluf


Honestly, I still can't believe I got to work on this with all these beautiful people <3 - HTR


i didn't do a whole lot but its awesome that i got to work with so many others and not have it deleted xD - skye


Sorry I only added a mel but this is sexy af , happy to work on it. - Aura

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