I haven't uploaded a song in a month so this is the long awaited song that I know you will love and listen to to death.


Honestly you'll have to wait for a new song.

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  • The sample voice with the deep beat and high hats, has a groovy sound. Anyone can feel the vibe and move there head side to side a little.

  • It's a bit long, but it reminds me of those good songs that need a long development to be enjoyed properly, the simple one is a gem and what to tell you about the drum machine, it can improve.

  • could use better arranging

    7 and a half minutes is probably too much

  • reminds me of being in a disco on a show

  • This would be good for ten years ago, but it’s still gruvi so ima not diss too much

    • Not gonna fav it of course because you can do better but good start

  • OH yea..I like it..jammin ....gotta love house music. This would be fun to jam too. Reminds me of some Bad Boy Bill. Love the high hat, and the good thump from the kick drum.

    • I would mix the fool out of this track with something to transition into another track. Yea.....

  • the percs are supreme! n_n


  • you are a lifesaver ;-; i love you platonically

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  • Wwww