I feel like I don't know what to put in my descriptions any more.

Enjoy :D

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  • Uuhhh... Am I supposed to think of spirits smoking weed when listening to this? Idk... I stoopid lel...

  • fantastic fingers

  • Nice keys!!

  • and synths are amazing too added to the album.

  • amazingly produced opaq you are the best at what you make,

  • :o

  • hnngggggggg

  • sweet melody, and killer percs!

  • damn dude, I love your chord voicings so much...

  • Dude, how is your percussion always so amazing!? :') that solo synth is funky as, love it.

  • The last part is really good!

  • Funky !

  • yesssssss love it

  • Wonderful m8...!! This type of deft subtlety eludes me as you know lol

    I was dancing too,,top one my man ;)

  • sweet track