Cover of track drift away with me by pendragon`',
  • about 9 months ago
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pendragon`',, drift away with me


awful lyrics, out of tune singing, etc. i still kinda like it

if none of this was real

then why are you still around

with all these fucking lies

nothing really seems to be sound

and now i'm waiting on a sign from you

that what i'll do is right for you

and i don't wanna go, don't wanna be alone

but where i float you'll never know.

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    pendragon`', about 3 months ago

    lol throwback to this garbo

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    {m. about 7 months ago

    yo ur voice is deep man

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    Caleb Nathan about 9 months ago

    Yes! we need more vocals on this site.

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    Herluf about 8 months ago

    i like it a lot more without the lowpass on the vocals. but trust me, i understand why you'd lowpass it, it's scary to publish something where you sing. But super good job though on it overall, you should experiment more with vocals in your tracks :)

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    opaqity about 8 months ago

    vox become questionable at 1:11 aha