i made a poem, yet lost it

hope she understands, cause lord, ive lost it

it was perfect

now its ashes

im disappointed in myself

tears on eyelashes

it described it perfectly

yet not perfectly enough

it disappeared like smoke

yet not quite as tough

wisping along my skin

it described every flaw

im so distraught

when i thought i lost it all

i forget it and move on

screw it

let the music do the talking


i genuinely had an amazing poem here, it was amazing, yet i accidently closed the tab somehow, lost it, and feel utter despair when i realized i couldnt remember what i wrote.

i suppose i couldnt remember because i couldnt feel the same exact combination of emotions twice. emotions change, so when i was done with one line, i would feel something else, etc, etc. till the poem was done, meaning ill never be able to remember it the same way

oh well, i made a new one, nto as good, but good enough

the music is what counts

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