thats as close as I could get it :)

so I cut out as much as I could and it was on 5:03 so I had to move it from 128 bpm to 129 bpm, it's not as easily mixable now without the intro or outro and a slightly abnormal bpm but it will do for the entry.

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  • Sweet main synth line

  • you got top 24!!!!!!

  • hellllllz ya cant wait till you win xD

  • top 100 Gratz

  • Yeah I submitted this, it's quite a project... it was a bit painful to cutdown, and I could have done it better but I think I'll leave it

  • Had to open this to believe this was made with Audiotool. ABSOLUTELY incredible!! Did you enter this? Or it's predecessor?? Incredible!!

  • sorry m8, my internets been kinda funky lately, and i posted two comments here, but only the second one came through, but not the first, making it seem obsolete and yes rubbish.

  • You're talking rubbish. read the rules about remixes.

  • the middle is the best part XD

  • nope. I really like the middle section

  • i really like this song, but i think the middle section is the part you should crop out, i found it kinda weird how it built up twice, it felt a little outdrawn to me

  • gah. I feel like I did this wrong, I think I'll make a different edit and delete this one.

  • ui a hard competitor

  • eheh still impressive after many listens, wish you the best for the contest ;)

  • Awesome! You are a God!