had to shorten this by 6 seconds... hardly seems worth it.

This is very similar to my dubtechno in terms of the synths and other sounds but I dropped the dub part and made this, I hope you like it.

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  • ooooooooooh

  • guuuuuuud guuuuuuud stuff!

  • i'd love to hear this on a fashion film!

  • this will be taken into count, for sure. It's great!

  • I have a similar attitude towards techno, I only like a few techno tracks, I find it quite difficult compared to progressive house which I seem to make a lot of

  • The bass is impeccable..!

  • I am picky when it comes to tech tracks.. Coming from a non-tech background I have a bias that most tech tracks sound the same to me (which I know most don't). This is fresh and very engaging to listen to. Well titled... I LOVE those subtle high register, distant pluck-esque synths..they add such a wonderful texture to this!

  • Impressive work !! great beat, bass and noise !!

    the only criticism I can make is about the construction of the track.... there are too many transitions between times with rhythm.

  • damn bro

  • This is nice

  • So smooth, everything goes together so well, the transitions are so good

  • I quite like the kick at the start.

  • This is really smooth, the only thing i think is a bit off is the kick in the start, it's a bit overwhelming, else this is flawless :P!

  • close enough

  • this isnt 5 minutes.