whenever i look at a shrimp i gag now

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  • This is so perfectly horrid it's art

  • Is it being sidechained? If that's what that compressor is, maybe you're also sidechaining the drums? Cause that kick sounds like it's sidechaining itself. I used to do that a lot, is why I think that's what's going on. Or maybe the sidechain is too weak. The kick just sounds weird is all. I'll look in the draft. Idk if y'all like feedback or not, I'm just trying to give pointers is all xd

    • Or is it cause this is just kinda an old track? Cause all y'all's other tracks have really good sidechain

  • this is the first song i heard by joe,


  • sonic3ze m'boy where you at

    peak sample use right here

  • who rapped this song?

  • when this nigga said "oceanic and that shit's organic" LMAO

  • I find myself re-listeing to this a lot.

  • guy has infanate pfps, cause he owns a discord server where theres always dumb things going on

  • bro this is still topping the trap charts

  • "So much cholesterol they made me sign a waver" LOL XD Hit so hard :44

  • hehe

  • who rapped

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  • so tasty you'd think its satanic

  • lets see how you'll do the next one.